Maria’s Rating System

I’ve used a 10 point system to rate books for years now…which doesn’t mesh terrifically well with Goodreads and Amazon reviews, because I have to use their stupid 5 star system…so, my 1 and 2 books rate 1 star, 3 and 4 rate 2 stars etc. For now I am keeping my rating system…because I need more options! Here is what my ratings mean to me:

Perfection – couldn’t put it down and started it over from the beginning as soon as it was finished. Can’t stop thinking about it and talking about it! Rocked my world!
Note – I have only given out seven 10’s (not counting multiple books in the same series).

LOVED it! My friends MUST read it!

Excellent – really enjoyed it and want my friends to read it so we can talk about it.

Very good – but not quite enough to tell someone else they “have” to read it.

Good, but not quite what I hoped it would be.

Just okay – didn’t make me stay up late to finish it.

Not good – would have rather watched TV.

Didn’t like it – wish I hadn’t wasted the time.

Hated it.

So bad I didn’t finish it.


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