Krystle’s Rating System

Krystle’s Rating System

I LOVE this book!
Like can’t-eat, can’t-sleep reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, world-series kind of love.
I couldn’t put it down. I can’t stop thinking about it.
Yes, I will DEFINITELY recommend it to everyone I know!
You should probably just one-click now because I tend to harass my friends to buy and read books I love.

I really enjoyed this book!
I will recommend it to others
…aaand might even harass you until you read it so I’ll have someone to discuss with.

This book was okay.
I enjoyed it buuuut…
you probably won’t find me obsessing over it like I tend to do over my 4&5 star reads.

This book was eh.
It just didn’t wow me in any way.
I most likely would not recommend but it did have some redeeming qualities.

There wasn’t anything about this book that I loved.
Would not recommend.

…aaand because I’m a complete Gemini and always have two conflicting sides I often post some ½ star reviews!

p.s. please bear with my reviews…I’m posting links to all of them (even the really bad ones) but I am evolving as a reviewer and hope to get better and better!


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