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Epic Lies
by Trudy Stiles

DAX ANDERSON has always been the one to keep it all together.

~ His family~
~ His friends~
~ His band~

His heart is huge, but guarded. He’s the best friend. The protector. The shoulder to cry on. But he’s never been able to protect his own heart or himself. Lies from his not-so-distant past have destroyed his outlook on love – until he meets her.

GISELLE ANDREWS is confident and happy, but cautious. She’s learned to overcome many obstacles despite her past. She’s fiercely loyal and loves beyond measure. When she’s reminded of her past and the pain that she lived through, will her perfect world begin to crumble?

What connects Dax and Giselle?
And will EPIC LIES destroy their future?

EPIC LIES is the second book in the EPIC FAIL series and can be read as a standalone novel.

This series is a spinoff of the FOREVER FAMILY series.


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Krystle’s 4.5 Star Review!

Epic Lies is the second book in Trudy Stiles’ Epic Fail Series. I fell absolutely in love with the characters of this series in the first book and could NOT wait to get my hands on this one! After about 6 months I finally got to read it and this book was everything I hoped it would be.

Just like her other books, this book started with a BANG. It takes quite a bit to make me cry when reading a book but all of her books get me teary eyed in the first few pages. I mean what the heck?! Who does that?! LOL. JK…Kinda…In all seriousness though the way that Trudy’s words dig their way beneath your surface and rip out all the feels so quickly makes it impossible not to be invested in her works and I always build a strong connection to her characters very quickly.

In true Trudy fashion this book also touches some seriously hard to read/think/talk/and most likely write about topics. She always seems to go big or go home and she does it with such grace. There are some books that touch all these topics and you know it’s just for the shock factor but I truly believe that Trudy does it because they are topics that are close to her heart that she needs to write about and uses her words to provide hope and even support to her readers. I truly admire her bravery and I am so thankful to know about an author that can touch these tough topics in a way that keeps me coming back for more.

Another part I must touch quickly on in this book is that it alternates POVs and between past and present. I have read books by other authors in which the combination of these two just doesn’t work well for my tastes but I must say that I truly think Trudy does this with perfection in her works. I NEVER feel like I’m being thrown around and wondering what just happened or whose POV I’m reading, she always seems to switch at just the right time.

Although this book could be read as a stand alone I would definitely recommend picking up the first book, Epic Sins, before diving in so that you don’t miss out on the awesomeness of that book. If you have even more free reading time before that I’d actually recommend starting at her Forever Family series which BLEW.ME.AWAY. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed in any of her books and she ALWAYS has these ways of tying her stories and/or characters together that leave me in awe and usually cover my body in goosebumps.

Whatever you do, wherever you want to start, if you haven’t read Trudy Stiles yet you must get on that now! For those of you that are already fans and have been waiting for this book, enjoy! It is wonderful!

4.5 for this book!
Trudy Stiles, never stop writing! k? Thanks! xo

Forever Family Series
Dear Emily (Forever Family, #1)
Dear Tabitha (Forever Family, #2)
Dear Juliet (Forever Family, #3)

Epic Fail
Epic Sins (Epic Fail, #1)


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