Krystle’s 4.5 Star Review of The Song of David by Amy Harmon


The Song of David by Amy Harmon was an amazing spinoff of The Law of Moses focusing on Moses’ best friend Tag. This story was very unique, much like Amy’s books all are and I truly enjoyed it from start to finish.

This story is filled with a lot of unique characters in unique situations and I loved getting to know them. Tag is impossible not to love from the moment I met him in The Law of Moses so getting more of his story was awesome and I had no doubt I would enjoy it. However, the addition of Millie and Henry is what really made the story for me. I just love them to pieces. They are both very different from characters I normally read about but they are extremely easy to love and admire and for me they made the story.

I won’t dive into anything giving away what this story was about because I think all of Amy’s stories are something that should be going into blind and experienced fully. I have read everything that this woman has written and she always delivers something that amazes me. Although the story itself didn’t surpass my top favorites of hers, in my opinion it is Amy’s best writing to date. I kept stopping in awe and thinking to myself how beautifully she can explain different things and how much her words can make me feel. The way that the story was delivered was unlike anything else I have read and I think she did an amazing job with it. I felt like I was sitting in during some of the most intimate moments of the characters lives and my heart felt so much for them all.

This story was 4.5 Stars for me and I highly recommend it to everyone. When I say that I can’t imagine anyone not loving an Amy Harmon book I truly mean it. Although this is a standalone I would recommend reading The Law of Moses first if you plan on reading it eventually. It isn’t necessary but you would definitely get more from the story and feel more for the characters if you read that story first. Another job well done, Amy! Never stop amazing us!

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