A View From Forever by Charles Sheehan-Miles is LIVE! Krystle’s 4.5 Star Review!

a view from foreverA View From Forever
A Thompson Sisters Novel
Prequel to Just Remember to Breathe
Charles Sheehan-Miles

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Dylan Paris is a working class kid from Atlanta. A former high school dropout who is trying to clean up his act, Dylan is stunned to be selected for a six-week foreign exchange program to Israel.

Alex Thompson is the daughter of a wealthy US Ambassador. Several weeks overseas with an exchange program is just what she needs to get out from under her over-controlling parents.

They only have five weeks before they go back to their homes.

They have completely different lives.

The last thing either of them want or need is to fall in love.

Krystle’s 4.5 Star Review

So if you know anything about my reading habits you probably know that I love, love, love The Thompson Sisters books. I have read all of the books in the original series and then read all of the books in the spinoff series and truly enjoyed every one of them. When I found out that Charles Sheehan-Miles had a project in the works and it had something to do with The Thompson Sisters I was extremely excited! Of course I selfishly hoped it would be about my favorites Julia and Crank but honestly I love reading about the whole family so when I found out that it was about Dylan and Alex that was cool too.

Another thing you may or may not know is I am pretty much a freak when it comes to not knowing any spoilers about a book. I also refuse to read books out of order… I won’t even read a book that people SWEAR is a standalone if I know it is part of a series and I haven’t read the books that were released first. That’s just my personal preference and many of my friends think I’m crazy for it but whatever. Since A View From Forever is a novel that takes place years before we actually met Dylan and Alex in their book, Just Remember to Breathe, and I have also learned lots about their lives from other books in the spinoff series I wasn’t quite sure how I would take to this story. I figured it’d just be okay for me since I already knew the outcome. Turns out I was wrong. I mean obviously I was wrong, so far I have loved everything I have read from CSM so I don’t know why I even questioned it.

I found myself completely invested in this story. I felt the angst and the pain that I imagined the characters were feeling and I found myself reading faster to see what would happen between the young couple. This was surprising to me since, like I already said, I knew the outcome. Really it shouldn’t have been a surprise at all. CSM has a way with words and I can’t help but fall in love with his stories and his characters. One of my other favorite parts about his Thompson Sisters books is that he always ties in tidbits about the rest of the family that give other parts of the series clarity and I truly appreciate these moments.

In this novel CSM also wove in another story about someone important to Dylan’s life in his teenage years. This side story really made this novel what it was and gave me an idea of why Dylan is the protector that he grew to be and gave some insight to what his younger years were really like. This was one of my favorite parts of the story and I wish we could get a little more about this new character….yeah I’m a greedy reader, oh well 🙂

If you enjoy The Thompson Sisters books I would definitely recommend reading this novel. If you haven’t read any of these books yet, what are you waiting for?! 4.5 Stars for this one!



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