***Maria’s FIVE STAR review for Infinity+One by Amy Harmon***


“Perfect and untouchable”

There are very few authors whose books I will read without even looking at the synopsis. Amy Harmon is one of them. I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up this book, but I knew (because I know Amy’s writing…because she is one of my top 5 all time favorite authors…) that I would adore it. And I was so completely right!! This book is action, and comedy, and romance for smart people!! My very favorite books become my favorites by exhibiting some or all of the following traits:

1. Exquisite writing. Words that sing. That make my heart skip a beat. Words that reach into my chest and shift things around. That reach into my chest and tear things apart. Words are powerful, and I like mine with superhero strength. Amy delivers. Every time.

2. Respect my brain. Too many authors churn out easy, light, forgettable books. And sometimes those are just what I need. But to be special, to be remembered, a book has to stretch my intellect in some way. It has to not spoon-feed every detail. It has to challenge me to think about something I never have before, or from a perspective I never have before. I am a word nerd…I don’t get math. But this book made me love math…at least the way Finn talks about it. 🙂 And the symbolism of twins, the math, and the parallels with the story of Bonnie and Clyde all worked so well together…I was left shaking my head in awe more times than I can tell you.

3. Characters that I want to know. They have to feel authentic…I have to believe they would do what they are doing…and I eventually have to feel like I know them well enough that I can predict what they will do next. Bonnie is a kindred spirit for me in so many ways, and I would marry Finn today if he asked. So yeah, she got that perfectly.

4. A story that captures me. I need to be sucked in immediately and not let go for a minute. I need to be kept awake wondering what will happen next. I need to feel like I’m being tortured every time I have to put the book down because well, I have to go to work, or sleep, or the daggone kids want to be fed THREE times a day!!! lol

5. Laughter. Funny is one of the hardest things to write. I know this from experience. Too many books try too hard, or end up feeling like slapstick, or just plain fall flat. But when you get it right, and make me literally laugh out loud…repeatedly? Well, that is something special!

Beyond all the things I want a book to have though, I want it to make me FEEL! There has to be that special connection, that unexplainable magic that happens when a book becomes more than entertainment, when it becomes a part of you. If this has happened to you, you know exactly what I’m talking about and now you want to grab this book immediately…good! If you’ve never experienced this feeling you probably think I am insane right now, but maybe you’re curious to see if this book can make you feel that way too…good!

This book jumps directly onto my top 10 favorites list, because it hits every requirement I can think of for favorite books! I don’t know where yet, because I am soooo attached to that list and I’ve no idea how I’ll make it fit, but it’s a 10/10, and those just don’t come along very often! I’ll leave you with the thoughts I sent to the author immediately upon finishing the book, because I don’t know how else to sum it up:

“Just finished…that ended the way all books should…with me laughing through tears and gasping and sighing and my stomach in my throat, and thinking “YES, that’s perfect…that’s exactly how it should be” and “HOW did she bring every tiny aspect if this story back around to the most perfect symbolism?” and eventually just laying my head down against the back of my couch and letting it all soak in.

Go read it now. Thank me later.

Click the cover to order from Amazon!

Infinity + One


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