Happy Birthday Tarryn Fisher <3 We Love You!


Dear Tarryn,

There aren’t enough words in the English language for us to express our love for you! Not only have you given us 4 of the most amazing books to read/pick apart/theorize about/etc. but you have provided us with some of the most incredible friendships.

Through our love (some may call it obsession) of your LMWL series we found each other and a group of the most outstanding women we have ever met. You and these women mean the world to us. Being a PLN has brought so much to our lives and there really is no way we could ever repay you for all of it.

PLNs are like a family. We are tough. We fight for each other and for what we love. Hell, sometimes we even fight with each other. But then we are back the next day picking each other up and loving each other more than the day before. We love from the deepest corners of our hearts and support one another with all of the ferocity in our souls.

Without you none of this would be possible. Without you we’d still be living our day to day lives not having one another to lean on when time gets tough or to celebrate when things are looking up.

So again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For being an evil, evil word genius that make our brains a little extra crazy with your words. For being our fearless leader. And most importantly for bringing us the greatest gift of all…each other.



Ok…enough of that gushy stuff!

Enter to win an unsigned(sorry) paperback of Mud Vein
or 1 of 2 kindle copies of The Opportunist

Head on over to any of Tarryn’s social media sites to wish her a HAPPY, KICK-ASS BIRTHDAY!!
Tarryn Fisher Author Pic

Facebook || Twitter || Goodreads

If you haven’t heard about her new book Mud Vein here is a little teaser for you…

This book is insanely good. Like…seriously, completely, mind-f*ck insane.

In fact, all of her books are absolutely kick-ass.
We will hook you up w/ some links to check them all out.
Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Mud Vein Cover

Goodreads || Amazon || Barnes & Noble


Goodreads || Amazon || Barnes & Noble 


Goodreads || Amazon || Barnes & Noble 


Goodreads || Amazon || Barnes & Noble 

Happy One-Clicking!

Happy Birthday, T! ❤


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