**Maria’s review of Infinityglass by Myra McEntire**


This was a slightly disappointing ending to a really good series. I LOVED the first book, and really liked the 2nd, but this one was just a little better than okay. It didn’t feel like the natural conclusion to a story that was planned from the beginning, but rather a thrown together finale that just didn’t have the same impact of the earlier books. The romance also lacked the “punch” I remember from the first two…I liked both characters, but I was never really invested in their relationship…I never swooned…I never sighed…it just didn’t capture me.

I have to leave room for the possibility that my taste in books has changed over the years, but there are YA books that still manage to grab me and not let go, so I have to conclude that this one just wasn’t as good as the first two. Still a very good series, and if you are partial to YA fantasy it is definitely worth the time!

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Infinityglass by Myra McIntyre


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