**Maria’s 5-star review of Block 24 by Evan Tyler**


I really don’t feel worthy or capable of writing this review. That’s when I know that a book has touched me in a special way…I feel like any words from me are inadequate to tell you what I think of/feel about the book.

This is unlike anything I’ve read before, in several ways. There are 2 parallel story lines, one in the present and one in the past, which I have seen before, but the drastic differences between both the stories (at least on the surface…), and the tone of the writing was so jarring – I said to myself several times that it was going to give me whiplash! But it works…it shouldn’t, but it does. In fact, the change was exactly what I needed most in the moments of the switch between stories! I despised the “heroine” for much of the book, and that is usually a deal-breaker for me – making it impossible for me to enjoy a story. But this worked so, soooo well! The writing is exquisite. The stories draw you in and won’t let you go. Trying to analyze and unravel the truth will keep you up all night. It was really just a completely unique experience for me…it is a difficult to categorize, impossible to put down, heart-wrenching, stomach turning, rage inducing book! And then…then there is hope. I need hope in my life right now. As dark and emotionally agonizing as this book is (and it IS those things at times!), it is also witty, clever, sarcastic…and hopeful. And then it’s genius. Just mind blowing freaking genius.

This is recommended for anyone looking for a book with both brains and heart, and an author skilled enough to make them equally compelling. For anyone brave enough to trudge through the darkness in order to find the light. For anyone who wants a break from the standard formula of romance/smut/angst – a mind-blowing break that will stick with you for a long time…like, forever.

It is only February, but I feel certain this will be on my “Best of 2014” list – and it may even break into my “Top 10 All Time Favorites”. It’s that good. Go buy it. Read it. Do it now.

Click the cover to purchase from Amazon!

Block 24 by Evan Tyler


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