His Wounded Light by Christine Brae *Author Interview* Krystle’s 5+++ Star Review *Giveaway & More!*


Title: His Wounded Light
Author: Christine Brae
Published: Dec 10th, 2013
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The perfect life.
The perfect marriage.
The jilted lover.
Their worlds collide.

Fate intervenes twelve years later and their paths intersect once again. All three will question whether the heart is truly capable of dividing and being divided; each will decide whether it matters who you loved first or who you love last.

Together they will learn that in the end, there can always only be one.

Krystle’s 5 +++ Star Review
(Don’t forget to keep reading for an awesome author interview w/ Christine!! ❤ )

I’m going to start this review by saying that no words I can come up with will do this book justice or show my true adoration for it. His Wounded Light, the follow up to Christine Brae’s The Light in the Wound holds one of the top spots on my favorites of 2013 list and is hands down the absolute most perfect follow up novel I have ever, ever read. I am in complete awe of the emotion that Christine poured into this novel and how her writing has evolved in such ways that I truly consider this novel flawless.

I did enjoy Christine’s first novel, The Light in the Wound but I had a few issues with it in the beginning. At first I found it hard to connect to the characters and something was just missing from the story for me. By the end of TLITW Christine  had managed to turn it around and I felt a very strong connection with the characters, leaving me craving more. I couldn’t wait to see where His Wounded Light would take me but I was in no way prepared for the emotional journey that Christine took me on. It surpassed every expectation I had and still, days after reading, I am left in awe. I am not sure I have never felt so much love, pain, angst or fear for any other book characters than I did for the Isa, Jesse and Alex.
It’s hard for me to say exactly what made me feel so strongly for the characters but I can mostly sum it up by saying I love Christine’s way of making the reader feel exactly what the characters were feeling.

My perfect family. My perfect life. I turn to my wife and gape at her for a few seconds. I still can’t believe that she’s mine.

No matter whether it was Jesse, Alex or Isa’s POV I could always feel the intense love or hate that these characters felt for one another. I couldn’t pick whether I was Team Alex or Team Jesse in the first novel and I have to tell you that I am happy about that. Both Jesse and Alex loved Isa something fierce. The intensity of the journey that these characters took me on is something I will never forget.
Up to this day, I don’t know how to describe how I felt. My chest hurt. I felt sick to my stomach. I was so wracked with jealousy and anger that i could not and would not thing straight…

The words that I read in this novel walked a fine line between torture and bliss. The emotions flowed off of the pages and right into my soul. I felt anxious, elated, nervous, angry, disgusted…the list could go on. And I cried. I am not joking when I tell you I am so not a crier but boy did I cry. I often get the welling of the eyes or the single tear down my cheek…but the tears I cried in this novel were never ending. I cried tears of joy, tears of pain and tears of fear. They just kept coming. Even now, writing this review, it is hard for me not to get emotional over the story.
Jesse, Alex and Isa are all so real. They are all insanely strong in their own ways but each one also showed an immense amount of weakness. They are each flawed yet extremely beautiful people. I grew to love their intensity and every other thing about them. Watching them go through the struggles they had to endure ripped my heart out.

I should have stood my ground. I don’t want to survive this. I don’t want to spend a single moment in this life without him.

I wanted to climb onto the pages and hug Isa more than once. I felt as though Isa was someone that had been through so much pain already that I just needed for this second part of the story to just be okay for her. Watching Isa fight for what she wanted was one of the best parts of this story. Watching her grow and persevere through all of the pain filled my heart with joy.

And the more you fight for something, the more you know that it was meant to be.

I could go on and on in this review but I already feel like it’s not making sense. My thoughts are all over the place but one thing that is for sure is that I LOVED THIS STORY! I don’t want to give ANYTHING away because I truly believe The Light in the Wound and His Wounded light is a journey that every reader needs to take.
Christine, you absolutely blew me away with this novel. Never have I read a follow up novel that was so beautiful, so perfect. Thank you for opening your heart to us all and sharing this story with us. xo

*So as you can tell from my review I’m a HUGE fan of Christine! She is one of the sweetest most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know! I literally danced around my kitchen when I found out we got to interview her here! Read on for some insight to the lovely author herself – some of these answers even gave me freakin goosebumps!!*

First off, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do an interview with us over here at K&M’s Book Haven! We are so excited to have this chance to dig a little deeper into the mind of Christine Brae!
Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me!

A lot of our best “book friends” were extremely emotional over The Light in the Wound and its characters. What do you think it is about this story and these characters that affect people on such a deep level?
This book is about a young girl who has used her experiences to influence the decisions that she makes in her life. It is about first love and true love, family relationships and forgiveness. Many women from all walks of life have identified with this story. The characters are real and true to themselves. They make no excuses for their actions, and they show that as in real life, endings don’t always end up tying themselves nicely and neatly.

What was your inspiration for TLITW?
I had a story to tell and I wanted to share it with the world.

Was His Wounded Light always in the plans? If not, what led you to continue this story?
The Light in The Wound was intended to be a stand-alone book. It was only after the book had gained a following that many readers saw what was in Isa’s heart – I wanted to give all three characters the closure that they deserved.

Do you enjoy seeing all the Team Jesse/Team Alex talk that goes on amongst your readers? Do you tend to favor one team or are you Team Neutral 😉
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that people would be “fighting” over Jesse and Alex. I do love it! I love the intense discussions that we have in our Facebook group. I love both Alex and Jesse. They have so many wonderful qualities about them, both of them are perfect for Isa.

Speaking of Jesse and Alex…TLITW brings up a lot of conversation about true love vs. first love….what are your thoughts on this?
To me, there is a distinction between true love and first love. We all have first loves but more often than not, they don’t end up being the love of our life. Timing, age, circumstances – these all play a key part on what happens to that first love and how it all goes down. I also believe that you don’t necessarily have to end up with your true love. Some people go through their lives thinking they have it and then one day, they wake up and realize that they’re still searching for it. Such are the realities of life.

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
I didn’t. I still don’t. I have always loved to write since I was young. I just never imagined that I would publish a book, let alone two books.

What is one thing your readers don’t know about you?
Hmmm. That while writing His Wounded Light, I was going through my own drama in my life. All that angst. It was real.

We saw that you recently went on a much-deserved vacation with Tarryn Fisher…that must have been a blast! What was the best part of this vaca?
Well, as you know, there is a circle of trust between my author friends and I, especially one as close to me as Tarryn. I will leave this to say that yes, the vacation was a blast and that the best part of it was that we just got to chill………..just us, no one else.

Aaaaand the most imporant question yet…What do you have in store for us next?
I have another work in process that I want to take my time with. Releasing two books in one year was a decision that really affected my work and home life and I need to get back in the swing of things, at least during the first quarter of 2014. I am excited to tell you that the third book is a stand-alone and something that is also near and dear to me. I just came up with a title for it —- don’t give up on me yet. I’ll be hounding you in the summer since I plan to release in late 2014.

Speed Round…GO!
Favorite food: Barbecued ribs
Favorite beverage: Iced tea – sweetened
Currently listening to: Skinny Love
Favorite book boyfriend: Gideon with Jake Whethers a close second
Biggest pet peeve: Peeled nail polish, loud chewing (lol)
Guilty pleasure: Handbags
Up next on your TBR: Gabriel’s Redemption by SR
Indie author we should all be on the lookout for: All my friends- I love their books and can’t wait to read more from them. There are also newer ones. I loved Whitney Gracia’s Mid Life Love, Nikki Thompson is also another one who writes well. I hear Beth Eheman’s book is great
Accessory you can’t live without: Lots of bracelets on my wrist.
Famous last words: Never say Never. Ever.

*More About Christine*

Christine Brae is a full time career woman who thought she could write a book about her life and then run away as far as possible from it. She never imagined that her words would touch the hearts of so many women with the same story to tell. This is her second and final book in the Light in the Wound series. Her third book is scheduled to come out in late 2014.

When not listening to the voices in her head or spending late nights at the office, Christine can be seen shopping for shoes and purses, running a half marathon or spending time with her husband and three children in Chicago

*Connect with Christine*


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