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Title: Thou Shalt Not
Author: JJ Rossum
Release Date: December 9, 2013

Luke Harper was finally starting to settle into his life – a life that had previously been full of more heartbreak and pain than most people ever experienced. He had a job he loved, and was blissfully content in his on-again, off-again relationship with the striking, and highly sexual, Holly. But, life throws Luke another curveball with the arrival of the alluring April, a woman stuck in a tumultuous, violent marriage to a famous athlete. Luke soon finds himself torn between what is safe, familiar, and right, and what is dangerous, unknown, and forbidden.

About the Author
JJ Rossum traveled the world as a child, and called many places “home”. Currently, home is Portland, Oregon, where he is at work on other novels that were hatched while people watching during many airport layovers.

Praise from Tarryn Fisher
Salty. This book is salty. There is no sweet. You’ll be hard pressed to find a unicorn. It is sexy and frustrating. I grow so tired of “perfect” steamy hero’s. I don’t like perfect. I like my men a little nerdy and aggressive. Luke is way nerdy. We have a lot of male perspective books coming out, but most are written by women. I’m really wondering at this point if we are getting it right. As for the actual storyline…I was riveted. Hero is playing with married woman fire. He has a hot, little blonde on the back burner. I didn’t know who to root for. The author’s writing style is what I’ll praise most. It’s so different. Polished. And I love being in a man’s head. They’re simple, but damn are they dirty. I.LOVE.THIS.BOOK.

YAY YAY YAYYYYYY! We have been waiting for this 😀
After you finish Thou Shalt Not, you will be able to briefly reunite with Caleb and Olivia from Tarryn Fisher’s Love Me With Lies series as she gives us one last glimpse into their life.

Krystle’s 4.5 Star Review

So it’s no secret that I’m borderline obsessed with Tarryn Fisher and that when she talks, I tend to listen. After hearing her extremely high praise for this debut novel from JJ Rossum I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I know that Tarryn can be pretty picky at times so when she had nothing but great things to say about Thou Shalt Not she created some really high expectations for the book to live up to. Going into Thou Shalt Not I had high hopes for nothing but greatness and let me just tell you I was not disappointed.

Thou Shalt Not was very different from the books I have been reading lately. It broke the mold of what most new authors have been dishing out and I was extremely thankful for that. It isn’t often that I find a story in the male POV but when I do I always seem to enjoy them. Being inside Luke’s head was an awesome ride and I have a feeling that the fact that a male was writing the male POV for once is something that made it better than the rest.

I think what I love most about Thou Shalt Not is how real the characters are. They were so easy to relate to with all of their flaws and their quirks.  Luke isn’t the macho super sexy millionaire that we so often read about. His life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, he’s been through some real sh * t and continues to live his life the best that he can. He’s a teacher with real life problems. He drives an old Suzuki which awkwardly resembles a giant roller skate. He has furniture from almost a decade ago. His fridge is usually empty just like a typical bachelor. He’s far from perfect and I loved it. Not wanting to give too much away about the other characters I’ll just tell you that they are all easy to love (one was also pretty easy to hate) and I really had a ton of fun reading about them all.

Another thing that really did it for me with TSN was the interactions between Luke and the people in his life. I thoroughly enjoyed the witty banter between him and the women in his life. I loved how he felt the need to be protective over others and how they also felt the need to be protective over him. I loved hearing his inner dialogue and seeing that unlike some men I know he actually does have somewhat of a filter when we hear the difference between his thoughts and what he found to be appropriate enough to actually say.  Mix in some serious sexual tension and some hott and steamy scenes and this book had some of the best character interactions I’ve had the pleasure of reading lately.

There wasn’t really anything about this book that I did not like. Thou Shalt Not definitely left me craving more from JJ Rossum! I think he knocked his debut novel out of the park and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.  This one was a solid 4.5 stars. Congrats JJ on the release of your novel! So happy for you and excited to hear how much everyone loves this book.


She was looking down into the water.

“You know, if I knew you better I would probably push you in,” she said very nonchalantly, as if letting me know the water temperature.

“If I knew you better, I would probably beat you to it,” I replied.

She turned to me, her eyes full of mischievous energy.

“Oh really?”

Her hands quickly went up and grabbed my shoulders, and mine instinctively grabbed her waist. I could feel her grip tighten when I touched her, and her eyes widened.

“If I go in, you are going in with me,” I said, shuffling my feet closer to the edge.

Her hands moved along my shoulders and her feet edged closer to mine.

“I’m a grown woman,” she said. “Threats involving water don’t scare me.”

Her bottom lip curled up under her teeth as she smiled, repeating what I had said earlier. Or mocking me, perhaps.

I tightened my grip on her hips and flinched, pretending I was about to throw her in.  She gasped slightly, hands grabbing my shoulders tightly again. Her hips arched forward and she leaned up on her toes as if in reflex.

“I thought you weren’t scared,” I said, pulling her closer to me. “People usually don’t gasp when they are ready for what’s about to happen.”

She was less than a foot from me, her face getting much closer to mine.

“It depends on what’s happening,” she said, looking up into my eyes.

I wasn’t thinking about throwing her into the water anymore. Everything within me wanted to pull her tightly in and kiss her right there, in front of the pool in the house her husband bought with all the millions of dollars he had made throughout his career. Kiss her on the spot where he probably threw numerous parties. Kiss her on the lips I wished were mine, and not his.

The look in her eyes told me she wanted the same. At least I thought they did. I hadn’t been in a position where I felt like this for someone in a long time. Thankfully, my hands were around her waist or I surely would have been able to feel them get clammy, nervous, like a high school kid on his first date with the prom queen he never thought he could get.

She is calculating, remember? I thought to myself. If she hadn’t wanted it to get to this point she never would have asked you over to her house. She wants this as much as you do.

I wasn’t sure which shoulder angel was feeding me that line but whoever it was, I knew they were right.

My hands pulled her closer until her feet were between mine; our legs and waists touching.

“You have really strong shoulders,” she said. Her voice was soft and she tilted her head up toward mine when she spoke.

Do it, I told myself. Kiss her.

My heart was racing, and I could hear the beating in my ears. My hands moved up her body and found her neck. My fingers laced in her hair behind her head and I pulled her up.


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