Krystle’s 5 Star Review of The Devil’s Reprise by Karina Halle

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Read on for my 5 Star Review!

The Devil’s Reprise is the sequel to Karina Halle’s The Devil’s Metal (one of my favorite books that I have read this year) sooo I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I received an ARC of TDR!! Yep, I was SO.FREAKIN.EXCITED! Let me tell you, this sequel definitely DID NOT disappoint! It was definitely another 5 star read for me and I can see myself rereading this series over and over again (something I very rarely do.)
TDR had some of the same great characters that we met in TDM but also introduced some very mysterious newbies that had my wheels turning. From the very start Karina had me on the edge of my seat wondering who was good, who was evil and which way this story was going to turn. Although I had an idea of what was to come from reading TDM I was still freaking out the whole time, nervous for Sage and Dawn since I absolutely love them.

Sage is a character I just LOVE reading about. He makes my heart melt and pisses me off all in the same scene time and time again but I can’t help but absolutely love him. Dawn is also a really great character. She’s absolutely bad ass and I love how she is just so real…so easy to relate to. She is strong and determined and witty but also very vulnerable and honest. I can relate to both Sage and Dawn in so many ways and I think this is what makes them so close to my heart!
TDR was also extremely hott….no, scratch that make that SCORCHING. All of Karina’s work have some seriously steamy scenes but for some reason this book was just at a whole different level of hottness. I found myself needing to take a breather a few times since I was reading at work (definitely NOT work appropriate! LOL)
While TDR was both creepy and steamy it was also filled with a lot of LOL moments and a lot of moments that I found myself holding my breath praying for the best. This is why I absolutely LOVE Karina’s writing. She always keeps you on your toes to the point that you will never know what is coming next, much like real life.
I personally think TDR was a great ending to the Devil’s Duo. Karina wrapped everything up perfectly while leaving just the right amount to the imagination. Another amazing job by Karina. Once again, another book to prove my theory that I’m going to love any book that that chick writes.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review…

Click here for my review of The Devil’s Metal


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