Karina Halle’s The Artist Trilogy Giveaway and Krystle’s 5 Star Review of Bold Tricks

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Hey everybody! Krystle here. Yesterday I finished reading the last book in one of my favorite series EVER!! Bold Tricks from Karina Halle’s The Artists Trilogy. This series is so insanely good and I wish everyone would get on the TAT train and read it! I can’t think of one reason why ANYONE wouldn’t thoroughly enjoy them!

To celebrate the release of Bold Tricks I want to gift some books from The Artists Trilogy.
I will gift any one ebook from the series to three different winners!



All 3 Books and the Novella were 5 star reads for me! I’m telling you right now, this series won’t disappoint!!
Please, be sure to read in order.
Sins & Needles – Book 1
Shooting Scars – Book 2
Bold Tricks – Book 3
On Every Street – Novella
On Every Street takes place before Sins & Needles but was released after so it is up to the reader how they choose to read it. Some people like to read in chronological order and others like to read in order of release. Totally your call! But PLEASE be sure to read the books in order! Thanks ❤

Krystle’s 5 Star Review of Bold Tricks!

Bold Tricks

Well, what can I say? Karina did it again. She is a freakin madwoman. How does she write book after book and blow me away with each one?! She’s a word genius. And I effing LOVE her!

So yeah, The Artists Trilogy is over. GAH ! How heartbreaking! For real, it was a wild ride that I never wanted to end. From the very first book in this series I was sucked in. I loved it. I loved the story, the action, the characters, it was all amazing. It isn’t often that a series with three books and one novella can hold my attention the whole way through. But this series did it. No problem. I.LOVED.EVERY.SINGLE.WORD.

My heart was beating out of my chest for almost every minute of the book. I couldn’t devour the words quick enough yet I was literally scared to turn the pages at some points. I didn’t want it to end, I was afraid of what might or might not happen but let’s face it…I couldn’t have turned away if I tried.

Karina gives you an action packed read filled with bad ass characters that I hate to love and love to hate. I was Team Ellie for sure. Team Gus? No doubt. But Team Camden or Team Javier? How about Team Effing Confused. Til the very end. I loved them both. I hated them both. I wanted them both….but I believe that Karina delivered the ending that needed to be. She said she knew how it was going to end from the moment she started writing. She stuck with her gut. Maybe it wasn’t the ending I envisioned. Maybe it wasn’t the ending I would have chosen. But it was the real ending.

I gotta say I like that about her. Karina stays true to herself. It’s the exact reason that I will continue to read every freakin word this woman puts out. She’s bad a s s like no one else. She gives us stuff that is SO different than everything else being thrown out there. I love it. Can’t see what she has in store for us next.


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