Krystle’s Review of The Light in the Wound by Christine Brae

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The Light in the Wound is a seriously emotional journey from beginning to end. It varies from heartwarming to heartbreaking and just about every emotion in between. It sucks you in from the very beginning and leaves you dying to know what happens until the very last page.

TLITW is a story of first loves, true loves and the difference between the two.  It shows how different those loves can be and how impossible it may be to choose between the two. It shows the effects of losing yourself in order to make others happy. It shows the constant struggle that loving two men can be.  It shows the struggle of loving family no matter what or learning to let go for your own good. But most importantly it shows the importance of not pouring all of your love into others and saving some of that love to love yourself.

The characters in this story were created in a way that truly made you invested in their lives but they very frustrating to me. They were too mean or they were too kind. They were too strong or not strong enough. They were too giving or too selfish. I know that seems like I am being over judgmental but that’s just how I saw it. Yes, all humans are flawed but in this story there were so many times I just wanted to jump in and scream for the characters to open their eyes! I’m not one to need a happy ever after in every book I read but by the end of this I was so frustrated that I needed things to be alright, I needed them all to wake up and see what was truly happening and stop the vicious cycle of pain that was rushing through all of their lives. Sorry, no I won’t tell you the ending, whether or not that all happened is for you to find out.

My biggest complaint about this story was that although the story grabbed me from the very beginning it seemed to slow down and lose the wow factor that it initially had. The timing, how it jumped months and years at a time without warning, was a little awkward for me at first. By the time I got to about 80% everything ended up working out. The wow factor was back, the emotions were so strong my heart was actually aching right along with the characters and the timing worked out in the end.

Despite the few things that I disliked about the book I still think it ended up being amazing. The messages that you receive from the story are ones that I’m sure many people, including myself can relate to. The emotions were conveyed with such beauty that you couldn’t help but feel. That’s why we all read, right, to feel? Well this book did it, even when I thought it wasn’t going to.

Cheers to a remarkable debut novel Christine, I look forward to reading more from you.

I rate this beauty 4 ½ stars!


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