Krystle’s Review of Kendall Grey’s Beats (Hard Rock Harlots 2)

beats Well, well, well! Kendall Grey did it again! I was hoping for another raunchy, fun and refreshing read and boy did she deliver with Beats!

(Beats is the second book of the Hard Rock Harlots series. Be sure to check out Strings before reading this.)

I loved that Beats was very similar in some ways to Strings but also very different. Kendall kept the same underlying tone as Strings had but in my opinion added more depth. It was still sexy and fun but it was also dark and had more substance. We still got to see the craziness of all of the members of Killer Buzz Float but also got into the heads of both Jinx and Toombs which created a whole new love for both of them for me.

The dynamic that has been created between the members of KBF is really what makes this story what it is. The mystery behind Toombs and Rax kept me interested through every page. The “real” side of Jinx made me feel for her and want nothing but her happiness and success. Letty and Shades pull off the perfect combination of sexy, steamy and adorable. Jillian adds just enough bitchiness to keep them all in check. I adore the relationships that have been created between all of them. I love getting to know them all and I can’t wait to read more about them!

Keep on writing Kendall, we all love you! 5 crazy stars to you and Beats!



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