Nocturne by Andrea Randall & Charles Sheehan-Miles! 5 stars from Krystle



Whew…after about 20 hours of letting all of that sink in I THINK I am finally ready to write my review…

Since two of my favorite authors joined forces to write Nocturne it was naturally one of my most highly anticipated reads of 2013. I counted down the days until I finally saw that it was live and I dove right in. Often times when I have so much built up anticipation over something the end result end up being a bit of a disappoint but let me just tell you this was NOT the case with Nocturne. It was everything I’d hoped for and so much more.

It was heartbreakingly beautiful. It hurt like hell and it made me angry. It made me chuckle and it made me smile. It made me happy and then it made me question my sanity when I found myself rooting for a scenario I probably shouldn’t have been rooting for.

Seriously, I questioned my sanity more than once. I obviously had to be going crazy for rooting for the outcome that I was.

“Maybe crazy was okay if love was the reason.”

Yeah ,that had to be it. There was so much LOVE, so much crazy crazy love, going on in this book that it was okay to feel so freakin CRAZY.

Andrea & Charles tend to create characters so real and so flawed that you can’t help but connect with them on so many different levels. Savannah and Gregory, the two main characters of this story were definitely no exception to this standard they have set for themselves! Nocturne switches POV between Savannah and Gregory and being inside both of their minds got so intense at times that I literally could feel my heart beating out of my chest. The characters were both so strong in their own ways, so similar yet so different at the same time. They challenged each other in the most beautiful ways which created a mood that I often found myself wrapped right up in. I could feel the anticipation, the struggles, the heartache, the love. I could feel it all. & it was exciting as hell.

“…he was excited about what I do best. Pushing boundaries and breaking rules.”

Yes, Nocturne pushes boundaries and it breaks some rules. It is centered on a subject that many consider controversial but in my opinion portrays it in a very real way. I have often heard people say that they do not like to read a book that is heartbreaking or controversial, that they have enough of that in real life and read books as a way to escape but I must admit that I personally find it refreshing when authors take on heavy subject matters and make them real. Real life happens. Shit happens. If you ask me it’s nice to read something other than the normal rainbow and unicorn filled happy go lucky books that we can find so very easily.

“Did a relationship founded on a lie stand any chance of surviving?”

That is what this whole story really comes down to. In fact, I would say that this is really what life in general comes down to. Can any relationship founded on a lie stand any chance of surviving? Lies swarm through our everyday life all the time. It’s unfortunate, but true. Some see lies as unforgivable; others see that there are some lies that may have been necessary. Nocturne may make you see lies in a different light. It may change your opinion of things and then again it may not. Either way, I think you all should give it a shot.

To me, Nocturne was one of the most beautifully written stories I’ve read in a long time. Andrea & Charles’s writing all meshed into one book was pure greatness. How two authors can join together and write a book and not give you any clue as to who wrote what makes them geniuses if you ask me…but I guess a lot of us already knew that anyways. I’m a fan of both of these amazing authors and will continue to read whatever they create. Thank you both for a wonderful story. You both rock!

5 stars from Krystle



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